CNN anchor Candy Crowley gives Commencement Address at Maharishi University of Management

Source: CNN anchor Candy Crowley gives Commencement Address at Maharishi University of Management

Click on above link to see Candy Crowley’s commencement speech to MUM Graduates in 2012. Her message is ever green.

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Candy Crowley learned Transcendental Meditation in Washington, D.C., in 2008 on a friend’s recommendation.

“My TM (Transcendental Meditation) experience started right after the last [2008] election. It re-centered everything for me,” she said.

“Campaigns are just so hard on everything. You’re on the bus, you’re off the bus, you’re on the plane, you’re in a hotel. And that’s really your life: You think you’re not going to eat and then you eat too much, or you think you are going to eat and you don’t eat enough. You’re just so stressed out and tired. …

“… I just sit in a chair in my room. I meditate in the airport. I meditate in my office in the afternoon. It doesn’t require a special place or even a lack of people. … I think that it has made my thought process more ordered. When your stress level is lower, you make better decisions and you have a better thought process. Do I still get angry? I do. Do I still get frustrated? I do. Do I still have stress? Yes. I don’t think that’s the point; the point is for you to be able to handle the stress. The point is that I don’t hang onto my anger nearly as long as I used to.  It just takes the harsh edges of life and softens them up in a way that you can cope with them.

As CNN chief political correspondent for many years, Crowley’s work schedule was all-consuming. But she always found time to practice TM. It was the first thing she did at home each morning before heading to the office. And the last thing she did each day before leaving work.

“If you make time for meditation, the rest of your life is just, well, better,” Crowley says. “My thinking is sharper, more ordered, and my decisions come more easily. So I’m more effective during the rest of my day. And I’m better at managing my time.

Finding the time is not always easy, but the return on her investment in practicing TM is well worth the effort, Crowley says.

Crowley hopes that everyone—especially women balancing work life and family—can enjoy the benefits she’s found.

“My advice is this: Just try to find the time to meditate. When you are working or have kids, it’s easy to say, ‘I don’t have time for me,’ “ Crowley says. “We women need to give ourselves permission to take care of ourselves.”

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