How Transcendental Meditation Has Transformed Me



Ever had a hard time sticking to something? Going to the gym, eating clean, getting up early, keeping New Year Resolutions? Me too.

When I was 10 I was diagnosed with AD-HD, because hell, the schoolmarm claimed that I just couldn’t concentrate. Well, let’s prove her wrong shall we? …

Today is my 260th day practicing Transcendental Meditation. I will have meditated 519 times. That’s twice a day, every day. I have never done ANYTHING with that level of consistency in my ENTIRE LIFE. So what is it about Transcendental Meditation that is different from every other habit in my life? Why have I been so motivated to stick to this practice?

The benefits are just too intense for me to ignore. My life has had a complete overhaul in the last 10 months. The compound effect of every day meditation seems to have spiraled things so out of control, that…

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