Transcendental Meditation: Excellence Through Mind-Brain Development

I’m fascinated by the study of mind-brain development and the work of Dr. Harung and Dr. Fred Travis. This goes at the top of my reading list.

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In their new book Dr Harald S. Harung and Dr Fredrick Travis say:

Look inside and read 20% of this book“Find a comfortable chair and begin an exploration of how you can take control of your success, and begin to aim high in life. You can easily learn to develop the basic factor that has been found in world-class performers.”

Excellence Through Mind-Brain Development overview:

  • The typical human being has an extensive developmental potential. This potential exists because we have not unfolded our deepest mental levels.
  • The Unified Theory of Performance, presented in this book, states that higher mind-brain development forms the basis of higher performance in all professions and fields of human activity.
  • This theory has four dimensions: Level of brain functioning, individual psychology, frequency of peak experiences, and the development of the social context of performance (the organizations and society in which we operate). Peak experiences are the most happy and fulfilling moments in life.

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